Twenty Pearls Foundation 2018 Community Activities
Twenty Pearls Foundation2018 Community Activities


The Twenty Pearls Foundation was established in 2003 when it received its EIN from the Internal Revenue Service.  The purpose of the foundation is to raise funds to support community service as well as scholarships for college bound women.


The Twenty Pearls Foundation was created by Xi Gamma Omega Chapter of Oakland, California.  By foundation bylaws, all members of the Xi Gamma Omega Chapter are members of the Twenty Pearls Foundation.  However, the foundation is a separate entity from the chapter with separate operations, bylaws and funds.


During the term of President Julie Hadnot, the chapter began an inquiry into separate entities. She assigned the task to Vice President Erma Cobb.  For a year, the chapter proceeded cautiously.  Finally the chapter approved pursuing the creation of the foundation.  Dr. Cobb, then Chapter President, and Mrs. Cheryl Chambers, completed forms and paid fees to establish a 501(c)3, public foundation.  During the formation, Dr. Cobb was listed as president.

The first election of the Board of Directors was held in 2003.  All members of the foundation, who meet the qualifications, could run for positions on the Board.  Nine members were elected to the board.  The annual foundation meeting is in February.  During this meeting, board members were elected to the board.  Foundation bylaws call for members to serve for two years.  The Xi Gamma Omega Chapter President is a member of the board.  The board elects its own officers.  Chambers was elected to the board and served as its first elected president.

Foundation bylaws have been amended twice.  Two positions have been added to the board: the Chairman of the chapter Fundraising Committee, appointed by the chapter president, and a Grant Writing Chairman, appointed by the board.


Xi Gamma Omega Chapter requests funds from the Twenty Pearls Foundation to support the chapter’s community service programs.  Foundation members help to raise funds for the foundation.


In 2011, all foundations, created by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Chapters, must comply with Article III, Section 20: Such Incorporated Foundations must comply with the established Directorate approved process of operations and annual compliance reporting.  The Foundation Bylaws must now include the Chapter Treasurer and Program Chairman on the board of Directors, with voting rights.  The complete update was sent electronically to all foundation members.

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